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Oslo’s art scene holds a high level internationally. Despite this only a small part of the scene is represented by galleries. As the association for Oslo’s artists we want to grant our members from the independent field increased visibility and more international opportunities.

At Future Fair, from May 1 to 4, BO will exhibit works by the artists, and BO-members, Solveig Lønseth and Damien Ajavon. In different, but intersecting ways, the two artists challenge the traditional power dynamics between arts and crafts. Through this, they are representatives of a younger generation of artists that use of traditional handicraft techniques as an integrated part of a critical-discursive practice. In continuation of this the works explore embedded hierarchies between art and craft, intellectual and physical labor, body and mind.

BO’s participation at Futre Fair in New York is the first chapter of what we hope to expand to a three year long pilot project. The ambition is to grant Oslo’s artists with increased opportunities to sell and showcase their work, as well as to promote the Norwegian artist organization model internationally.

Damien Ajavon (b. 1990) is an Afropean textile artist with Senegalese and Togolese roots. Their works explore the manipulation of textile fibres by hand, and their creative process is influenced by the interplay between visual and tactile experiences. Departing from their Western and African influences, Ajavon tells stories through textiles. Ajavon holds a MA in textile from KHiO (2022) and a BA from Contemporary Textile Center in Montreal. They have exhibited their works in a number of solo and group exhibitions in Europe, North America and Africa, including venues such as Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo (2024), Oslo Kunstforening (2023), Nitja Center of Contemporary Art, Lillestrøm (2023), Smack Mellon, New York (2023), Grand Palais Epherme, Paris (2023), Studio Quatorzerohuit, Dakar (2022), and Fotogalleriet, Oslo (2022). In 2023 Ajavon was awarded the Norwegian Art Association’s Debutant Prize. The same year they were one of the three nominees represented in Sparebankstiftelsen DNBs Grant Exhibition.

Solveig Lønseth (b. 1986) is a visual artist based in Oslo, Ørlandet and Lillehammer, Norway. Lønseth holds an MFA from Oslo National Academy of the Arts (2015). Over the last years, Lønseth has received several acknowledgements in form of awards and scholarships, including the Government Grants for Artists, work grant for established artist, 10 years. In 2018 she received the BKH’s photo art award for her site related work KOLO KLORO KROMIA, exhibited at the Norwegian Association for Fine Art Photographers’ spring exhibition. Lønseth’s work has been exhibited at several institutions and galleries over the last years: Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin (DE), CCC OD, Tours (FR), Kunstnerforbundet (NO), Kunstnernes Hus (NO), STANDARD (OSLO) (NO), Nils Aas Kunstverksted (NO), Saksumdal Tempel, Salgshallen og HULIAS (NO) and others. Lønseth’s work has been acquired by Rodeo Architects, Trondheim kunstmuseum, The University of Oslo, Kunstmuseet Nord Trøndelag’s permanent collection and Oslo municipality’s art collection.

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BO is supported by Arts and Culture Norway and Oslo Municipality.

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