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Member benefits

If you are a member of BO, you can benefit from all these membership benefits negotiated by NBK, The Association of Norwegian Visual Artists.

650 kr

Membership in BO /yearly

1650 kr

Membership in BO/yearly

Discount agreements Discount is achieved when displaying membership cards unless otherwise specified.

Framework locations

Art materials

Dental care

Invoice service



Stay on Citadell Island in Stavern

In 1910, among others, Christian Krohg signed a contract with the Ministry of Defence to rent the commander’s residence on Citadel Island, forever. He and the others represented the Board of Pictorial Artists – the predecessor of Norwegian Visual Artists (NBK). Members of NBK have the opportunity to apply for reasonable stays here during the summer. Six rooms with a total of 15 beds are rented out.

Stays take place on a weekly basis – from Monday to Sunday. The whole house can be rented for NOK 9,000 per week, otherwise prices are NOK 2 000 for an adult and NOK 1000 for children. Studio opportunities. Fishing and swimming opportunities. Applications with the desired time period and number of adults/children must be sent by e-mail to NBK. Residence is given priority to applicants who have not previously been on the island, secondly applicants who have not been there for a long time. Allocation takes place in February/March.

Stay at the artist's cabin in Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard

Ny-Ålesund is the world’s northernmost settlement and is located 79º north. This tiny site is originally a disused mining community, converted into an international research centre for climate and the environment. The population varies from about 30 individuals in winter to 150 in summer, when scientists invade the small community.

Legal advice and assistance

Norske Billedkunstnere offers legal advice to members. Legal assistance only applies in cases related to artistic practice. Kim Erik Dalskås E-mail: kim@norskebilledkunstnere Phone: 22 55 20 20 (telephone time Tuesday-Thursday between 10.00-15.00)


Artist’s insurance a separate insurance scheme for members of a number of artist organizations. The organizations have joined forces to obtain offers of member insurance on behalf of a large group of members, and chose the insurance provider Tryg Forsikring. For the listed private insurance and business insurance, separate terms and prices have been negotiated for the organisations that cooperate on Kunstnerforsikringen.

The individual organisations are policyholders in the collective insurance agreements. Members are insured/secured.
Insurance advisor and broker for Kunstnerforsikringen and the artist organisations is Bafo Forsikringsmegling AS (org no. 971 189 452). Bafo also operates the insurance office where the member advisors sit. For the insurance provider, Bafo receives an allowance from the organizations and a share of the insurance premium that the members pay.

IAA-kort (International Identity Card for Professional Artists)

The International Association of Art (IAA) Europe is a network of around 40 national member organizations representing visual artists. Norske Billedkunstnere is the network’s Norwegian membership organisation – and thus the only artist organisation in the Norway that can offer members the International Identity Card for Professional Artists (IAA). On the back of your membership card is your IAA card.

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