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Line Bøhmer Løkken

For the exhibition Å BEGRIPE - TO GRASP at BOA, Line Bøhmer Løkken has taken the hand and the manual work as a starting point. She has looked at aspects of what we often call silent knowledge from different angles. A knowledge in which the distinction between theory and practice is abolished. Can this knowledge be discussed and disseminated, and if so, how?

In recent years, Løkken has been interested in exploring the experiential reading of photography, with a desire to create images that trigger all the body’s senses and not just the gaze. In this way, she seeks to mix the traditional semiotic reading of photographs with a more phenomenological approach.
Line Bøhmer Løkken uses all the rooms in the gallery and shows three different projects. In the main room we find the work Soft Bread – Hard Bread. Photographs of a man baking lefse and flatbread are presented in various formats on plates. The pictures are attached to wooden structures that are free in the room. In this way, the viewer’s movements and presence in space are triggered, and the physical and performative of the actions are highlighted rather than the documentary. In addition to illuminating the bodily knowledge possessed by the “baker”, questions related to the value of manual work, the continuation of craft traditions, gender roles and stereotypes can be raised.
In the second room, Løkken presents his new artist book Wood Works together with a small selection of photographs on the wall. The focal point of the work is objects and more or less intended temporary sculptures, all of which are made of wood. As genres, photography and sculpture have always been closely linked. Photography automatically, through the choice of perspective and section, carries with it the ability to highlight and turn everyday objects into sculptural artifacts. Løkken has tried to play with stretching these boundaries between the intended and the random, both in the motif / image and in the image.
In the innermost room, To Concept – To Grasp is displayed. The work consists of a sound work and two still images. The sound work is based on conversations between the artist and her father, who has worked with practical work all his life and used most of the materials. The work carries with it a desire to put into words some of this languageless knowledge. The conversation revolves around considerations and experiences related to a creative approach to different materials, the joy of finding solutions and the value of the experience-based knowledge that develops over time. The three exhibition rooms all appear as autonomous works, but the artist wants the connections between them to expand the understanding and build the connection between the themes, all of which in different ways point back to the connection between the material, the hand and the brain.

Line Bøhmer Løkken (1970) lives and works in Oslo. She works mainly with photography and has been thematically interested in examining how we relate to and experience different places, through the architecture, the people or the objects that define them. She is a graduate of the University of Film and Photography, University of Gothenburg. She has had exhibitions, among others. at Kunsthall Oslo, Gallery F15, Fotogalleriet, Henie- Onstad kunstsenter and Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig. Løkken has published a number of artists’ books; where the latest are, Sandaker high school, Circular Exercises, Tøyen center, Sameti, Immersed in Stone – Black Ice and Shadows in water. The books have been exhibited at home and abroad. She is involved in running the artist-run publishing house Multipress, where she, among others. a. curates and manages the project Angle 1-90 °.

Foto: Adrian Bugge og Line Bøhmer Løkken

Samtale mellom Line Bøhmer Løkken og Verena Winkelmann . 

Film og redigering Hilde Malme 2020

Ons – søndag
12 – 16

​Rådhusgata 19 ​
Anatomigården 0158


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