Støttet av Norsk Kulturråd og Kulturetaten. Åpningstider: Ons - søndag 12 - 16. ​Rådhusgata 19, ​Anatomigården 0158, Oslo

Linda Morell

In the exhibition Miasma Protoplasma, Linda Morell presents cyborg-associative sculptures made of wood, glass, metal, ceramics and 3D – print. From antiquity until the end of the 19th century, the Miasma Doctrine was the prevailing theory for how disease spread invisibly by air. Vapors from decay and especially the night air were considered harmful. The meaning of the title; Miasma (an unpleasant odor) and Protoplasma (the contents of cells that were considered to provide the precondition for life), refer to how we have historically interpreted the human body’s interaction with the environment. 

The pandemic has once again breathed life into a mythologisation of these ideas. Today modern scientific knowledge about microbiology, viruses and bacteria dominates the narratives sorrounding diseases and infection. Morell’s sculptures are proposals for parallel universes, which draw attention to how our limited imagination shapes our interpretations even today.

In the titles of the pieces there are references to Micrographia (Robert Hooke, 1665), the first publication to  illustrate insects and plants as seen through a microscope. But also Hydra, a simple organism found in both freshwater and saltwater who reproduces asexually by budding and fragmentation that makes it theoretically immortal.

Miasma Protoplasma is a mix of sculptures shaped by hand, and sculptures created in an incorptual virtual reality technique.  Both the title, theme and choice of techniques invite the spectators to reflect on subjects such as time, human body, imagination and human alienation. 

Linda Morell (born 1993, Halmstad, Sweden) is based in Bergen. She has a master’s degree in contemporary art from the Art Academy in Bergen (2019) and a bachelor’s degree from the Umeå Academy of the Arts (2017). This year, Morell had the solo exhibition Balsamarium at Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter, Svolvær (2021), and Miasma Protoplasma at Aldea, Bergen (2021). Previous group exhibitions include FRAMTIDSKROPP # 2, Cana Konstförening, Gävle (2020), FISTFUL OF LOVE, KRAFT, Bergen (2020), One can play more than one, Norrbyskär Konsthall, Norrbyskär (2020), and the Annual Exhibition, Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum, Tromsø (2020 ) where Morell was awarded the Norwegian Artisans’ Debutant Prize. 

Morell is represented in the collections of Sogn og Fjordane Art Museum, Førde and KODE, Bergen

The exhibition is produced by Aldea and is supported by the Norwegian Cultural Counci

Foto: Dale Rothenberg

Ons – søndag
12 – 16

​Rådhusgata 19 ​
Anatomigården 0158


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