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Anatomigårdens history

BOA, the visual artists in Oslo and Akershus have been housed in Anatomigården since the autumn of 2015 and by then the Oslo Open had already moved in. Today we share the house with Oslo Open and Praksis Oslo. In the period 2002 - 2014, Vardeteateret used the premises. Before this, UKS lived here from 1937 - 2002. Many thanks to UKS who have given us access to historical material from parts of the UKS era.

From Oslo Municipality's website:

“The anatomy building, which is located on the north side of Christiania Torv, is Oslo’s oldest preserved half-timbered house. It is believed that this house is from the 18th century and that the town’s executioner lived here.

The first private owner is Chancellor Mathias Stub. And In the period from 1815 to 1852, the University and its medical faculty were housed in the building. From 1860 and 40 years onwards, the sculptor Brynjulf ​​Bergslien had a studio here.

It was here that he created the Karl Johan monument and the statue of Henrik Wergeland. In 1937, the organization “Young Artists’ Society” moved into the premises and had its business here until 2002. “

From Jørn Nilsens book:​

«The sources tell little or nothing about when the UKS house (..Anatomigården) was built- On old maps from the city’s facilities, buildings have been drawn on the plot, and the brick basement with its arches points towards the middle of the 17th century. The building above the basement level must, however, be considered to be somewhat younger. It is mentioned in connection with Charles XII’s siege of the city in 1716, and must then have been badly treated by the Swedish dragoons. In 1785 a very enterprising gentleman moved into the farm, merchant Hans Chr. Schmidt. He started with gene distillery and pig farming, to the great embarrassment of the good bourgeoisie. The neighbor, Lieutenant General Poumeau complained to the Diocesan Officer and the police banned the mess. However, Schmidt was allowed to continue his genever distillery, and in a statement from 1790 it is listed among Christiania’s 10 largest industrial enterprises. In 1815, the University moved into the courtyard, with Professor Michael Skjeldrup and his anatomical preparations. A lecture hall, the country’s first, was furnished for 70 students. The professor himself was given his own living room in the house. It is from that time that the name “Anatomigården” is written. The house’s first young artist also walked in and out of the doors here under the sharp gaze of the anatomist. Henrik Wergeland has on several occasions participated in dissections in the house’s basement. At the same time he worked as an amanuensis at the University Library next door. And In 1937, UKS entered the premises, which were made available by the City of Oslo. “


​Jo det er Hende! O lys hid! 
Og slip ei Kniven end paaglid 
i denne Armes Hjerte! 
O, der er rædsom Vittighed 
i Lampens Blik, som stirrer ned 
paa denne døde Smerte.

Saa kold dengang den aanded saae 
den stolte Verden jo derpaa? 
Og frække Øine skar 
det Slør igjennem tidligt, som 
den stakkels Piges Fattigdom 
af gyldne Drømme bar.

Som Blomst i Isen frosset ind 
jeg seer et Træk paa denne Kind, 
som vel jeg bør at kjende. 
Thi Fryden i min Barndomsleeg 
før altfor høit min Skulder steeg 

– – o var den ikke Hende.
Tvertsover boed’ Hun for os, 
i Armod født som i sit Mos 
paa Taget Stedmorsblommen. 
Fornemme Folk kun fatted svært, 
at Blod saa fagert og saa skjært 
af Fattigfolk var kommen.

Ak, mangt sligt Aasyn dog jeg saae 
som Maanedsrosens Pragt forgaae, 
som Sommerfuglestøvet! 
Dem Skjebnens Haand for haardt vel tog 
og Syndens Spor dem overjog 
som Sneglens Sliim paa Løvet.

Henrik Wergeland

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