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Elisabeth Mathisen

After several years of working mainly with drypoint in black and white, Elisabeth Mathisen has rediscovered her paint brush and colors. They returned as she moved back to Oslo, to a house with a view to the forest, in accordance with the forest’s transformation through the seasons. This has resulted in a series of colorful, abstract paintings that is now exhibited at BO in the exhibition With a View to the Woods.

The notion of color makes the core of Mathisen’s newest project, with the pallet as a looking glass she approaches nature, she approaches the woods. This is then transferred to the canvas not in a naturalistic, but rather a metaphoric manner; alternating weather conditions, the way the threes dance in the wind, dripping leaves, and the play of the light as it penetrates the treetops is interpreted sensuously, and translated by Mathisen to an explorational painterly expression. Through this she invites the audience to partake in her own spiritual experience of nature.

With a View to the Woods is an exhibition with wonder, where the paintings channels a motive but equally becomes part of a scenography. Surrounded by the colors of the woods one can almost find the sensation of being outdoors, but one may also choose to keep nature at distance and study the more formal aspects of the work. By placing the interaction of light and color at center stage Mathisen brings us in and out of the woods.

Elisabeth Mathisen (b. 1961) is educated at the Academy of Art in Oslo (1989-1994). She has had several solo exhibitions at venues such as Kunstnerforbundet, the Stenersen Museum, Østfold kunstsenter, Kunstbanken i Hedmark, Tegnerforbundet, and been a part of the Autumn Exhibition on several occasions. In 2005 she received Rune Brynestad memorial grant for her work with video and performance and has since 2011 been a recipent Norwegian State’s Annual Income for Artists. She participated in group exhibitions, such as Tegnetriennalen in 2019. In 2020 she was commissioned by KORO to make dryprint works for the waiting room of Fredrikstad District Court. In 2021 she received a grant from Ingrid Lindback Laangard’s foundation for her graphic work in dryprint, as did she in 2020 receive a grant from the Fund of Norwegian Print Artists. Mathisen’s work are represented in the collections of the Norwegian National Museum, Preus Museum, Sogn and Fjordane Art Museum, Fredrikstad Municipality, Oslo Municipality, Oslo Met’s Art Collection, and Haugar Art Museum.

Ons – søndag
12 – 16

​Rådhusgata 19 ​
Anatomigården 0158


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