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Akershus is one of Norway’s fastest growing counties and many new municipal buildings are now being built here. BOA is particularly concerned with strengthening the municipal use of art in public spaces / buildings. We have carried out a survey of art in public buildings / rooms in the Akershus municipalities, and held several conferences on topics. We continue this work and put pressure on the large growth municipalities around Oslo. We also want to strengthen the artist economy in the region by creating new scholarships.

BOA works for:

1. Art in public buildings / rooms: where we want to influence municipalities in Akershus to adopt art schemes where a minimum of one percent of construction costs are set aside for art projects, alternatively 0.5% of the entire municipal investment budget.

2. Development of new arenas for art, for example we arrange the festival PLACE SEEKING ART in Ski municipality.

3. DKS – we see that the daily rate for working in the cultural school bag is threatened after the individual municipalities have taken over the responsibility. The rate, which has been NOK 3,760 per day, must not be negotiated by the individual municipality. We encourage our members not to accept lower rates.

4. We work to ensure that artistic expertise is utilized in the development of cultural plans, and in the planning of art in public spaces in the municipalities. We also work for Akershus County Municipality and all associated municipalities to establish scholarship schemes for artists.

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