Støttet av Norsk Kulturråd og Kulturetaten. Åpningstider: Ons - søndag 12 - 16. ​Rådhusgata 19, ​Anatomigården 0158, Oslo

About BO
Rådhusgata 19
0158 Oslo

Opening Hours
Ons – søn: 12 – 16

Una Mathiesen Gjerde

Mathilde Carbel

Chair of the Board
Sebastian Makonnen Kjølaas

Marianne Heier, performance ved opphold i prosjektrom våren 2018. Foto: Adrian Bugge.

About BO

BO (The Association of Visual Artists Oslo) is an artist union and an exhibition venue for contemporary art. Through the promotion of established and up-and-coming artists, BO’s exhibition space is dedicated to strengthening and supporting a vibrant art scene in Oslo. Over several decades, the venue has played a key role in the ecosystem of small- and medium-sized art institutions in Oslo, and provided a space where the free, inclusive, and social potential of art can exist undisturbed by capitalist market conditions. 

All exhibitions at BO is selected by BO’s Artistic Council through an annual Open Call.

Opening Hours

The exhibitions are open Wednesday to Sunday from 12:00 to 16:00.

Positions and Appointments

As a part of our mandate BO ensures that the competence of artists is made part of political decisions. This is in part done through the appointment of artist for a number of positions, as the Comity for municipality artist studios in Oslo, The Regional Project fund, and RSU, the Regional Comity for Collaboration in Oslo.

BO is also responsible for appointing positions in several artist organisations. As part of the network of institutions in the associations Oslo Open and Østlandsutstillingen, BO is, through its participation and representation, part of deciding their overall direction.

Opening hours
Ons – søndag
12 – 16

​Rådhusgata 19 ​
Anatomigården 0158


BO is supported by Arts and Culture Norway and Oslo Municipality.

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